Sunday, November 2, 2008

Old Update#21 - Bungle Bungles 27-29/06/08

About 250ish kms South from Kununurra are the World Famous Bungle Bungles (or Purnululu nowadays).
The last 50ish kms are dirt - and slow (Takes 2.5-3 hrs for the last 50 kms)

But well worth the drive.

There are some simply amazing rock formations here.

The dirt road is a DEFINITE no caravan road - so it was time to use the tents finally (Good practice for the Kalumburu trip with the Bro's the following week). So we left van at the caravan park at Kununurra - it was great to scoot along without the van for a change.

Entrance to Bungles (This actually onto Mabel Downs Station and the road to the Bungle goes through their property)

Time to lower the tyre be kind to the car and hopefully the tyres too.

One of the MANY river crossings.

Kids love this.

Time to unpack the roof...finally - But NOT too early for a BEER ! ! ! and who needs hands anyway??

Our RATHER BASIC camp - it was already 5:30pm - so no walks today.

The 'Bee-hive' part of the Bungles

More of the 'Bee-hives' - probably the more famous part -but there are some equally spectacular other parts.

Cathedral Gorge for instance.

Same same.

When a boys gotta go -a boys gotta go.

Echidna Chasm - We loved this the most I think. That's James at the bottom and the photo probably only picks up about 2/3 of the walls.

The road to 'Mini-Palms' gorge. Just a river-bed.

We spent 2 nights at the Bungles and one HUGE day full of walks - absolutely awesome !!


Here's James pumping up the tyres for me before we hit tar again.

Like Son like Father....

Old update # 20- Litchfield Nat Park to WA 22-26/06/08


Just a couple of 100 kms South West of Darwin is the very popular Litchfield National Park.
So after popping in to Berry Springs and having a dip we stayed a couple of nights at Wangi Falls in Litchfield.
Many people prefer Litchfield to Kakadu - and I suppose you could put us on that lis

Here's Wangi Falls - even though it was late June - Still no swimming because there have been a couple of deaths when the water level is up - some kind of whirlpool generated here.
Our camp at Wangi - we LOVE this ! ! ! ! !
Lots of sharing going on.
Tolmer Falls - just for a look
Buley Rock Pool - we had LOTS of fun here. It was busy though - BUT with so many pools to choose from - you could almost have one to yourself. Most were deep enough to swim and even DIVE into.
Still Buley Rock Pool.
Still Buley Rock Pool.
Now Florence Falls - so MUCH VARIETY ! !

Temps were still Late 20's and sometime Early to mid 30's - so all this swimming was very welcome.
Still a major Termite problem here.
Which never seems to stop.

We then got a move on and covered 700 kms in one day - in order to get into Kununurra early-ish the next morning.

Because of the Witnessing trip that was due to set off the following week - we needed to get a move on so we didn't hold the others up.

ADELAIDE RIVER PUB (couple of 100 km's Sth of Darwin)- This is actually the Buffalo from the 1st "Crocodile Dundee" movie. Obviously now dead and stuffed.
Not every day you see an inflatable ROCKET LAUNCHER. There were some major air-force exercises on at the time and this was part of it.
This was at 'Timber Creek' - half way from Katherine to Kununurra. We were planning on some extra km's in another National Park before Kununurra - so wanted to be sure we had enough. Thank goodness we didn't have to fill up - (159 litres)
Some people come up with all sorts of ways to earn a living. This couple have a mobile 2nd hand book-shop.
There was some really lovely county-side along this drive. This kind of thing...
And this. This is close to and similar to the area that the new movie "Australia" was filmed. and no....... Heidi's not pregnant.
WA Finally - The 1st time for all of us.

Lake Argyle - just a tiny fraction - This thing is seriously huge !!

Now off the Kununurra.... and the Bungle Bungles ! !

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Old Update #19- Darwin #2 14/06-21/06/08

Air Force Base Visit
The Air Force had their annual Open Day on Sat 14/06/08
I don't think any of us like what these machines do - but they're incredible nonetheless.
See how popular the day is.
This is an "F.S.R.T." - (Flying-Surveillance-Radar Thingo) (I THINK that's what they call them)
Inside the FSRT
I suppose this is why it gets busy - Being able to sit inside an FA 18 fighter.
BUT...... Look at this. Right at the very front of all that EXPENSIVE technology- What expensive piece of equipment do you find as the leading point of the aircraft ?.................. a Philips Head Screw. Is it just me - or does that seem strange ?
Heidi suffered terribly with Sand-fly bites here- this is just one. Doctors visits - delayed departure - the whole bit.
These are some of the kids that our kids go to play with while at Robbie Robin's Reserve.
And all the kids got together and did a play for everyone staying at Robbie Robbins.

Well Done kids.

17/06/08 Territory Wildlife Park. - This was a GREAT DAY OUT.
Just Me & the kids though. Heidi felt like a 'Van tidy up' day.
Great 'Free-flight' Bird Show.
James got to feature in the show.
Some more of the 'Bird'-life.
And...some more

Also - one of those marine-tunnel things.

With a BIG croc
We did soooooooo much walking - the kids were tuckered out. So we decided to wait here for the Shuttle Bus.
Back at Robbie Robbins.
I think he's enjoying himself ????
Now... THAT'S a SPRINKLER ! ! !
and just before we left Darwin - they had a polo-crosse tournament. Good timing.
Time to leave Darwin and head South a few 100 kms before heading towards WEST AUSTRALIA ! ! - The first time for any of us.

Here's our path through 'The Territory'